What PR Professionals Can Learn From Game Of Thrones

Now that it’s been a week since the finale of Game Of Thrones, people are finally starting to settle down and collect their thoughts about the show. It’s no surprise that many people were in an uproar on social media about how the show ended. The show’s ending, and people’s reactions, provide valuable lessons for PR professionals.

1. Your reputation is EVERYTHING. If you switch gears and start doing things that no longer feel true to your brand – like GoT switching writing styles mid-series – your audience will be left feeling confused, flustered, annoyed and angry.

2. Even the most popular of brands can fall. GoT was/is one of the most popular and well-received shows of all time. That changed when they no longer met consumer expectations.

3. Consumer loyalty only goes so far. Your brand story should remain consistent, you can shift slowly over time but you can’t change things over night.

4. Don’t go into hiding when your fan base/consumers are upset, it only makes them angrier.

5. Consumers aren’t always going to feel the same, some will love a new direction, others will hate it. You need to keep those who want change engaged, while making sure your existing fan base feels comfortable and heard.

6. Your brand ambassadors are everything. The GoT cast has kept even the angriest of fans engaged and slightly mollified.

7. Stories are everything.

8. Last, but not least, Arya is the best.

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